TPV/SHEV transition to permanent visas 

The Australian Government has made Subclass 785 Temporary Protection visa (TPV) and Subclass 790 Safe Haven Enterprise visa (SHEV) holders eligible to apply for a permanent visa. 


If you have held or applied for a Subclass 785 Temporary Protection visa (TPV) or a Subclass 790 Safe Haven Enterprise visa (SHEV) before 14 February 2023 you may be eligible for a permanent Subclass 851 Resolution of Status (RoS) visa. 

If you do not engage protection obligations, you are not awaiting a merits or judicial review outcome, and you have exhausted all avenues to remain in Australia, you are expected to depart Australia voluntarily and may be provided assistance to depart. 

Irregular travel to Australia 

The Government is committed to Operation Sovereign Borders. Australia’s border protection policies have not, and will not, change. Any person who attempts to travel to Australia irregularly will not settle permanently here. 

Anyone who attempts to travel to Australia by boat without a valid visa will be either: 

  • turned back to their point of departure; 
  • returned to their home country, or 
  • transferred to a regional processing country for assessment of their protection claims. 

Australia’s tough border protection policies aim to protect Australia’s borders, combat people smuggling and deter people from attempting dangerous boat voyages across the open ocean. 

How to apply for a RoS visa 

Current and subsequent TPV/SHEV applicants 

If you currently have a TPV/SHEV application or a subsequent TPV/SHEV application on hand with the Department, you do not need to do anything. Your current application will be converted to a RoS visa application. The Department will contact you if we need any further information. 

TPV/SHEV holders (without a subsequent TPV/SHEV application on hand with the Department) 

Initially, the Department will invite a specific cohort of TPV/SHEV holders to apply for the RoS visa. This will include those who hold a TPV/SHEV that is due to expire soon (for more details see table below). 

All other TPV/SHEV holders can apply online from late March 2023. 

You can help progress your RoS visa application by responding to the Department’s requests for information within the specified timeframes. Tell the Department promptly of changes to your circumstances or contact details ( 

If you have special or unique circumstances and require support, contact the specialist community refugee and immigration legal service provider in your state or territory (see list of service providers below). 

The majority of the caseload will be processed within 12 months of commencement. Page 2 of 3 TPV/SHEV transition to permanent visas 

Services and benefits for RoS visa holders

People granted a permanent RoS visa will have the same rights and benefits as all permanent residents. This includes no waiting period and immediate eligibility for:

  • all social security payments (,
  • the National Disability Insurance Scheme ( and
  • higher education assistance ( visa holders will be eligible to:
    • become Australian citizens once residency and other requirements are met.
    • sponsor family to come to Australia under the family visa stream of the Migration Program.Sponsors or proposers who entered Australia as an unauthorised maritime arrival (UMA) no longer receive the lowest processing priority in the Family visa stream of the Migration Program.

      RoS visa holders will continue to have access to Medicare and free expert mental health support through the Program of Assistance for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (

Source: Department of Home Affairs

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