Pre-signing Contract Review:
Our solicitors will review your contract prior to signing to ensure the document is per your requirements. Aria Lawyer offers a free review of the contract so you can utilise our solicitors expertise in order to feel comfortable signing the contract.

The Conveyancing Process:
Once our team receives your signed contract, you can rest assured that we will handle the process professionally and efficiently, keeping you informed every step. Our initial contact with you will outline the steps involved in the transaction.


  • What furniture you would like to stay on the property, and if they are included in the contract?
  • You need to buy insurance as soon as you sign the contract. This is because you are liable if something happens to the property as soon as you sign the contract.
  • You leave enough time for the finance, building and pest condition.
    The contract is legally binding, so make sure you engage a lawyer before signing the contract.
  • Make sure you include any special conditions on the contract.
  • You need to discuss your intentions with your lawyer and think about what searches you would like to conduct on the property; for example, specific searches are needed if you want to demolish the property and build a new house.
  • If you are buying the property with your partner, do you want the property to be joint tenancy or tenant in common? (The joint tenancy offers all co-owners an equal share, and the property goes automatically to their partner upon death. On the other hand, tenants in common varying ownership amounts; for example, one holder may own 60%, while another owns 40%. If the property is owned by tenants in common, on the death of one of the tenants in common, the deceased person’s fractional share is distributed according to their will.)


Contract Preparation
Our solicitors will draft your contract in order to best protect your rights. You can rest assured that all legislation has been complied with in the drafting of your contract, and that you will be well aware of your rights and obligations and those of the buyers prior to signing. This service is free of charge.

Pre-signing Contract Review:
Our solicitors will review your contract before signing to ensure the document meets your requirements. This personalised service will provide crucial information to ensure the contract is signed in your best interests, as well as allow you to ask any questions you may have about the unfamiliar process of conveyancing.

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